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    Benjamin Supply
    At Benjamin Plumbing Supply you will find only top quality plumbing fixtures, supplies, and materials by leading manufacturers from around the globe. From the do-it-yourselfer to the plumbing professional, we provide you the best service, advice and brands around. We maintain the largest selection and inventory in Arizona of many top brands, which means you can count on us when you need to get your job done right and on time.

    Our 10,000 sq. ft. plumbing supplies showroom features just about everything you'll need—most in stock—from sinks and faucets to the most elegant whirlpool spa.

    Our friendly and professional staff has years of experience in the business, and have worked with homeowners, interior designers, plumbing professionals and building contractors to make countless projects a success. We recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants so that we can set aside the time to give your product needs adequate attention.
    HF Coors-American made dinnerware
    We manufacture and sell our plates, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls, trays, platters, baking dishes, salt and pepper sets, sugar bowls, creamers, ramekins, and other kitchenware, pantryware, and chefsware™ pieces from our factory in Tucson, Arizona. We sell in the fifty United States, and into Canada and Mexico. Our labor is 100% American, our materials and supplies are 95%+ American. Some of our equipment was made in England and Germany. Our products are fired to 2330° F, and are lead free. Our ALOX ® high strength body is specially made to meet the rigorous demands of the food service industry. We meet or exceed government standards for food service dinnerware and accessories. HF Coors plates, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls, trays, platters, baking dishes, salt and pepper sets, sugar bowls, creamers, ramekins, and other kitchenware, pantryware, and chefsware™ pieces are renowned for being available in white, bright colors, with decals applied, or hand painted. HF Coors’ special niche is a unique capability to customize shape, color, and design to customers’ needs. We sell directly to the public at our on-site factory store.

    Add water to natural minerals to make clay, then shape, next color or hand paint a design and into the Kiln you go! At HF Coors not only do we take pride in our products and what we do, we even offer a no chip warranty & a "No Fault Breakage Warranty" you can also purchase. HF Coors is lead free, microwave, oven, broiler, freezer and dishwasher safe. All our scrap and waste is inert or recycled. Our 200 foot long primary kiln is one of the most energy efficient in the world.
    Hi my name is Rich and I believe in sharpening to perfection and outstanding customer service.

    I would love to sharpen for you! I'm mobile and can sharpen on site or if you prefer I have free pick up and delivery for next day turnaround.

    I'm great at sharpening:
    hair shears
    fabric shears
    garden tools
    kitchen knives
    pocket knives...and pencils, too!

    Make the call... you'll be glad you did!

    Hair Shears
    I trained intensively with master sharpener Jason Pintel specifically on high-end hair shears.
    I am familiar with all scissors and can adjust, balance, and sharpen to meet (and usually exceed) manufacturer specifications. ***I am certified in the Japanese method of sharpening hair shears.
    If you want a knife with a sharper than factory edge then call me!
    Sharp tools last longer and perform better. Get them sharper than factory sharp!
    garden shears
    paper cutters
    push mowers
    router bits, drill bits
    And more!
    Syzygy Tile
    At the Syzygy factory twenty artisans work together to produce an exquisite line of handmade tile. Lovely shapes and mosaics are cut and pressed by hand. Glazes are carefully applied with a brush.
    Check out our website for retail locations and a photo gallery of our work.

    SYZ·Y·GY [siz-i-jee] The straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (as the Sun, Moon, and Earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in a gravitational system.
    Syzygy was established in October 1993 on the night of a lunar eclipse, a syzygy.

    Syzygy is located in Historic Downtown Silver City, New Mexico in the southwest corner of the state; a high desert region (at 6200 feet in elevation) bordering the Gila National Forest and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, our nation's first designated wilderness area.

    Lee Gruber and David del Junco's combined talents created and launched Syzygy Tile. Their dedicated artisans work to produce innovative design for a truly hand made, aesthetically pleasing product that is durable, environmentally safe and benefits the local community artistically, economically and environmentally. Our goal is to keep the hand made craftsman tradition alive in the production of our beautiful tile.

    Syzygy Tile is Timeless, Sophisticated and Distinctive.
    45 minutes south of Tucson, in Tubac, this well-stocked kitchen shop is a foodie destination for gadgets, appliances, cutlery, gourmet food, and more. Great local products, and knowledgeable, friendly staff, make Tumacookery a regional favorite. Worth the drive to Tubac all by itself!

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