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    Carriage House
    Janos Wilder’s Carriage House Event Space and Cooking School is a vibrant addition to Tucson’s Downtown culinary scene.

    Check online for a schedule of cooking classes--top chefs, wine and spirit experts, food historians, and more will share their talents and recipes with you.

    Dim Sum Brunch on Sundays from 10:00-2:00
    Our Sunday brunch at The Carriage House takes inspiration from the Hong Kong tea houses featuring push-carts laden with small plates of delectables to be shared at the table, the tradition of dim sum. To that foundation we add a globally-oriented menu, offering delicacies from South Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. While you’ll certainly see traditional dim sum standouts like har gow (crystal shrimp) and char siu bao (roasted pork buns), you’ll also see an assortment of diverse dishes like birria de chivo, arancini, and classic brunch fare such as French toast and eggs Benedict. We believe in the spirit of adventure. Each time you join us on this culinary world tour, you’ll get a chance to try something new as we entice you with different offerings each week. Feeling more in the mood for familiar comforts? Don’t worry, we’ll keep rocking the greatest hits, too.

    Planning a wedding or other special event? The Carriage house can also take care of your needs and provide a truly unique space for your celebration. Check out the website for more information.
    Seven Cups
    Seven Cups Tucson An Authentic Chinese Teahouse Named 'One Of The Best Places In America To Have Tea' By Travel and Leisure Magazine

    Seven Cups specializes in rare and organic Chinese teas. Everything in the teahouse has been personally sourced by Seven Cups, from tea to teaware, except for our sweet and savory treats, and some pottery from local artists. Our teas have given us international recognition, but we remain a neighborhood destination, with free wifi and a quiet spot to spend hours with our great selection of teas.

    Seven Cups was founded in 2002 opened our teahouse in 2004. We value transparency and the importance of quality in the tea industry, and are always expanding our knowledge of tea culture. Through our website we continue to provide service to customers in 94 countries and provide a brokerage service in China for small tea businesses and tea houses, and wholesale our teas both domestically and internationally.

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