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    Hand Picked Produce
    Hand Picked Produce offers the best selection of pesticide free, naturally grown and organic products at markets in Tucson, Marana and surrounding areas.

    "We are gatherers not growers" says Gilbert Mejias. the founder and owner of Hand Picked Produce. "We gather the very best products, whenever possible from local growers, to offer our customers the best selection of pesticide free, naturally grown and organic foods. Our goal is to promote the same ethic with growers on either side of the border"

    At Hand Picked Produce you will find locally grown tomatoes side by side with mangos and pineapple. We work with our growers to find healthy and safe foods that our customers will be proud to feed their families.

    Small growers everywhere feel the pressure to adopt commercial growers practices to be competitive and stay profitable. This means more pesticides, more dependence on GE crops. One of our goals is to offer these growers access to new markets.

    We also see a need for consumer education. Because there is so much confusion about terms like GMO vs GE. certified organic, naturally grown and because the Department of Agriculture's regulations can be so confusing we find ourselves in a position to help our customers navigate and understand those terms so that they can make the most informed choices for their families.

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